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Here are Our Exciting New Products!

ICON Picnic Shelters - More Innovative New Products from LSI




ICON Picnic Shelters from ICON Shelter Systems Inc.


 New:  We now offer DSA approved shelters and walkway covers in various sizes. Contact us for sizes and details at (714) 619-0100 ext. 205 and ask for Chad Barry!!!


ICON Standard Picnic Shelters


ICON is "the next best thing" in the metal shade structures market. Shelters by ICON Shelter Systems, enhance, enrich and define public spaces. ICON shelters have bolted tubular steel frames with completely hidden fasteners. A change in the engineering and manufacturing process enables ICON to make adjustments and changes "on the fly." All designs are done in 1-foot incremental sizes. You are no longer limited by typical models and size increments. ICON can help design a proper layout appropriate for the number of picnic tables you are planning under the shelter. No "custom order" charges apply!


ICON Custom Products

An ICON Custom Product

ICON has multiple product lines beyond the standard picnic shelters such as: the ICON Original Craftsman and Gazebo Series, Arched Entry Ways, Clock Towers, Display Kiosks, Curved Arbors, Athletic Field Shelters... Your ideas can come to life with ICON design and engineering capabilities that are second to none!


Click photo at left to see more ICON Custom Products.

More Innovative New Products from Landscape Structures, Inc.

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The Pinnacle and the Pointe

The Pinnacle and the Pointe


Pinnacle and Pointe Video

The Pinnacle and Pointe are outstanding standalone play events that can also be connected using one of each or multiples - to create an amazing world of peaks, overpasses and tunnels. These remarkable climbers have handholds and footholds that provide challenging (but safe) climbing adventures, embedded animal and plant fossils to find, and a rock-like texture that feels like the real thing.


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Skatewave 3.0

Spacenet Climbers

Spacenet Climbers

View Skatewave video

Skatewave™ 3.0 is the first and only modular skate park system with a totally interchangeable riding surface. Each riding surface has unique advantages, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your riders and your community.

Spacenet Video

Spacenet climbers provide interactive play experiences that challenge motor and logic skills for lots of kids at one time.

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CoolToppers Shade Systems


Mobius Climber

CoolToppers are the industry's first fully integrated shade system designed exclusively to attach to LSI durable PlayBooster® posts or they can be used as a standalone component at ground level. Available in four vibrant, UV-blocking colors (custom colors available too).

Mobius Video

Introducing the Mobius, a completely new, wonderfully wavy way to set your playground apart. This cool climber looks - and plays - like nothing else. Its sleek, unique design could pass for modern art, but every inch was designed to develop gross motor skills, upper body strength, balance and hand-eye coordination and thinking skills.

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Saddle Spinner 

Saddle Spinner

Cascade Climber 

Cascade Climber

Saddle Spinner Video 

The versatile new Saddle Spinner is easy enough for smaller kids to use, yet provides enough challenge to keep older kids interested. Install several at different heights, and kids of all sizes can spin, play and socialize together. The saddle-shaped seat is set at 10 degree angle with easy-grasp hand grips so kids propel themselves with minimal movement.

Cascade Video 

The Cascade Climber offers kids a fun and unique way to climb on the playground, build upper-body strength and increase their decision-making skills. Available both as an independent play event and as a component, the Cascade Climber is a fun way for kids to stay active.


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Stand-Up Seesaw

Sky Rail


Seesaw Video 

Exclusive torsion-powered spring mechanism creates the perfect balance between bouncy fun and added safety.

Sky Rail Video 

The Sky Rail offers kids a fun and unique way to climb, build upper-body strength and explore exciting twists and turns.

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